Hi, I’m Visaal Ambalam.

I enjoy building (and occasionally writing) things and sharing them with the world.

I love playing racquet sports, drinking boba, making pour over, and hanging out with people.

I build software at nightfall.ai to prevent companies from accidentally sharing your data where it’s not supposed to be (like unencrypted emails or slack messages).

I tend to be ruthlessly practical (for better or worse).

I am fascinated by technology because it’s the closest thing to magic that we have, especially when it meaningfully helps people.

In the past,

I thought I wanted to be a doctor.

I realized I like building things a lot more.

I studied Computer Science and Math at Washington University in St. Louis.

I built web apps at Cerner (acquired by Oracle) and ObodoHub.

I built big data distributed systems at Liveramp.


Find me on twitter @visaals or connect with me on LinkedIn.